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Salman Khan on Death Threats; says, “I am Myself Scared these Days”

Salma Khan

Image Source: Instagram. Salman Khan on Death Threats; says, “I am Myself Scared these Days”

Salman Khan, the beloved Bollywood actor, has recently opened up about the death threats he has been receiving from Lawrence Bishnoi and his gang. The threats have caused great concern not only for Salman Khan, but also for his loyal fans.

In response to the threats, Salman has been provided with Y+ category security by the authorities. This security measure ensures that he is surrounded by a team of highly trained security personnel who are equipped to handle any situation that may arise.

Despite the increased security measures, the threats from Lawrence Bishnoi have continued to loom over Salman Khan. This has forced him to take additional precautions to ensure his safety, such as purchasing bulletproof vehicles.

Salma Khan in Aap ki Adalat

Image Source: Koimoi.com

Salman Khan recently made headlines in the entertainment news for his appearance on Rajat Sharma’s show, Aap Ki Adalat. During the interview, the popular Bollywood actor acknowledged that there is a serious threat to his safety, which is why he requires security.

Salman admitted that he cannot even ride a bike by himself these days and that he is unable to go anywhere alone.

While the threat has limited his movements, he also spoke about how it has been affecting other people around him, especially in traffic situations where his security detail causes inconvenience for other vehicles.

Despite the risk, Salman continues to work and attend events such as awards shows and iftars.

Salman Khan stated that he is following the necessary precautions and taking every step that has been advised to him.

During his appearance on Aap Ki Adalat, he mentioned a dialogue from the movie Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan, which highlights that while others may have to be lucky multiple times, he only needs to be lucky once.

Salman emphasized the importance of being cautious and revealed that he travels with full security.

Despite acknowledging that fate plays a significant role in one’s life, Salman added that he cannot take any risks and must be careful. He expressed his inability to move around freely and that he must always be cautious about his safety.

"Now there are so many Shera’s around me, so many guns are going around with me that I am myself scared these days."

He shared with Rajat Sharma in Aap ki Adalat.

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