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FIFTY FIFTY has announced a partnership with Warner Records, a U.S.-based label.

Fifty Fifty Cupid

FIFTY FIFTY, the emerging girl group, has recently forged a promising partnership with Warner Records, a well-known label based in the United States.

The group has been gaining significant traction in the music industry with their viral hit, “Cupid,” which has propelled them to international stardom.

With this new partnership, FIFTY FIFTY will be collaborating with both Warner Records and Warner Music Group’s Korean subsidiary, paving the way for greater success and wider recognition in the global music scene.

Warner Records

This strategic partnership holds immense potential for the young group, as Warner Records is renowned for its innovative marketing strategies and extensive reach in the music industry.

FIFTY FIFTY’s unique musical style, coupled with their dynamic performance abilities, make them a perfect fit for Warner’s roster of exceptional artists.

Fifty Fifty Cupid Cast

The group’s growing fanbase and massive popularity on social media platforms have also contributed to their rise in prominence, making them one of the most sought-after girl groups in the industry today.

FIFTY FIFTY’s captivating vocals and electrifying stage presence have won the hearts of many, and their collaboration with Warner Records is sure to further elevate their profile and cement their position as a rising force in the global music scene.


The co-CEO Attrakt Ahn Sung II which is also the agency of FIFTY FIFTY, Commented:

We are grateful to Warner Records for the opportunity to discuss innovative ways to bring FIFTY FIFTY to the forefront of the music industry. We are thrilled to find that our thoughts and visions align with an artist-centered approach, and we are eager to explore potential avenues for success together.

Warner Records co-chairman and COO, Tom Corson, and co-chairman and CEO, Aaron Bay-Shuck, Commented:

aaron bay schuck and tom corson

We are thrilled to partner with FIFTY FIFTY to amplify their global smash single ‘Cupid,’ and we know there is much more to come. The Warner Records team is excited to create additional opportunities for this powerhouse K-pop girl group.

Meanwhile, FIFTY FIFTY issued a joint statement:

Fifty Fifty Group

We are so honored to be working with Warner Records, and we are excited to see what the future holds for us. We are looking forward to bringing more great music and content to our fans around the world. Thank you for your continued support and love

Warner Records has reported that FIFTY FIFTY’s hit single, “Cupid,” along with its English-language “Twin Version” and instrumental version, has garnered a staggering 377 million streams worldwide.

The song’s popularity has propelled the group to make history as the fastest K-pop group to debut on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Additionally, “Cupid” has been steadily climbing the U.S. charts, recently breaking into the top 50 for the first time, marking a significant milestone for the rising girl group.

Fifty Fifty

Overall, this partnership is a major milestone for FIFTY FIFTY, signaling their growing influence and potential as they continue to make waves in the music industry.

Fans eagerly anticipate what’s in store for the group in the future, as they embark on this exciting new chapter of their musical journey with Warner Records.

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