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Jennifer Lawrence shared how her nephew struggles to accept that she is a X-Men Member

Jennifer Lawrence as X Men character Mystique

Playing a superhero is a dream come true for many actors, but even Hollywood stars have moments of disappointment when they fail to impress their own family members.

Jennifer Lawrence, who portrayed Mystique in the X-Men franchise, shared a humorous incident about her nephew’s reaction to her character.

Despite Lawrence’s excitement to show off her superhero skills to her nephew, he was unconvinced that she was a real mutant. In fact, he even questioned whether she was just pretending to be a superhero.


Lawrence’s nephew pointed out that Mystique was a blue-skinned mutant, and Lawrence looked nothing like her character. The actress found the incident amusing but also a little heartbreaking, knowing that her nephew didn’t recognize her as a legitimate superhero.

Jennifer Lawrence

During her appearance on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon in 2016, Jennifer Lawrence opened up about her attempts to prove to her nephew she is an X-Men.

Talking about the same, The Hunger Games star said,

“My four-year-old nephew, Bear, he is obsessed with X-Men. And, I’m like, Bear, I’m an X-Men, and he’s like, “No, the real X-Men.” It’s like the most infuriating…”

Upon being informed by the talk show host, Jimmy Fallon, that he possessed a video of Jennifer Lawrence attempting to convince her nephew, the actress responded by saying “This is like a mild version of what he does.”

In the clip, Jennifer Lawrence could be seen in a car with her nephew as she recorded him while she told him, “You know that I’m an X-Men.” In response, Bear sighed and banged his head on a person beside him. Jennifer continued, “Bear, I play Mystique, I’m an X-Men. Acknowledge it. He hates it.” Back to the show, Lawrence said. “When I was on the phone with the producer for this, she heard bear go ‘pfft’ as soon as I said ‘X-Men.’”

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence’s struggles did not end there as she said, “He doesn’t like my work,” and further revealed that her nephew did not even want to visit her on Hunger Games sets, which even he was a part of. She recalled Bear asking his father, “Dad, do I have to be in this one?”

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